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Bringing worlds together

Join us in catalyzing positive global change through innovation, collaboration, and student-centered leadership.

Dalhousie's campaign for transformational change

At Dalhousie University, we believe we have a greater purpose, to be a force for positive change in the world. But we can’t do it alone. We believe that any single person, discipline, or institution won't address the challenges of our time.

We're calling for innovation and transformation to rebuild our institutions, revitalize our climate, and eradicate inequality. With students at the centre, we are bringing together the course-changers: the inspiring innovators, dedicated researchers, and passionate benefactors who understand that the world needs change.

Making a difference starts here

This campaign will enable Dalhousie University to strengthen student experiences, expand our research, and intensify our service to our local and global communities. In doing so alongside our donors, the world will benefit from the impact of solutions sooner.

1 Inspiring future-ready leaders

In our commitment to being Canada’s most student-centric, research-intensive university, our goal is to prepare the next generation of leaders to face the future head-on. An exceptional experience means cutting-edge facilities, financial accessibility, tailored support, experiential learning, and global career opportunities.

2 Engaging in high-impact research

Dalhousie’s East Coast home is a hub for global change, by unifying researchers with a commitment to interdisciplinary cooperation. The campaign accelerates this vital work, aiming to find solutions to complex challenges and create a better future for all.

3 Lifting our communities

For over 200 years, Dalhousie University has been dedicated to lifting the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of its communities worldwide. With a global perspective, the campaign focuses on strengthening relationships with our communities, driving progress in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Our campaign goals

For our donors: the power of giving

Explore the impact of your generosity. Join our worldwide community of alumni, donors, and partners in fuelling progress with our campaign. Your passion, generosity, and energy will drive our ability to lead progress toward a just and sustainable future.

Give now to transform tomorrow

Bringing Worlds Together is more than just a campaign - it's about transformation. Transformation that creates a better future, driven by collaboration, innovation, and the power of giving. Your support will enable us to strengthen student experiences, expand our research, and intensify our service to the community. Join us in making a difference.