Mayur Agravat

Instructor, English Language Studies Department

Mayer Agravat



  • PhD in English Language Teaching (Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) University, India)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching English (English as a Foreign Language University, India)
  • MPhil in International Study (Gujarat University, India)
  • MA English Literature (St. Xavier’s College, Gujarat University, India)
  • BEd, TESL (Institute of English Language Teaching, Saurashtra University, India)
  • B.A. English Literature (Dharmendrasinhji Arts College, Saurashtra University, India)

Areas of Specialization

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Business Communication
  • Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication
  • Course Building and Developing


  • 2014 - Awarded as the best Paper Presenter in Humanities-Scientific Session, Dr. Deepak Bhatt award, in International Conference of Applied Psychology, India
  • 2014 - Awarded with one-year membership for Cambridge English Teacher, Cambridge University, for online professional development, at Teacher Educator Conference, India
  • 2013 – Awarded an E-Teacher Scholarship course: EFL ASSESSMENT: ‘Assessment: Summative and Formative Practices in Language Learning and Teaching’ with University of Oregon, Linguistics Department, American English Institute (UO AEI), Eugene, United States of America
  • 2013 – Awarded with an Online Teacher Training Course: WEB TOOLS 2.0: Exploring Web 2.0: Tools for Classroom Teaching and Professional Development with Lewis & Clark College, Portland, United Kingdom

Selected Publications and Media

  • Agravat, M. R. (2017). Objectifying Teachers-and-Learners’-Portfolios as a Part of Professional Development – An Action Research. IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities), 5(3), 668-681.
  • Agravat, M. R. (2016). Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for ensuring, monitoring and evaluating quality in Teaching English – An Analysis of survey. The Global Journal of English Studies, (1). 
  • Agravat, M. R. (2015). Professional Development and Self-Reflection as a Part of Education and Training: A Holistic View. Research Scholar-an international refereed-journal on literary explorations, 3(2), 186-193.
  • Agravat, M. R., & Raval. T. (2014). Authenticating Assessment Processes in Language Classrooms. The Journal of English Language Teaching, ELTAI, 56(1), 15-20.
  • Agravat, M. R., & Arora, G. (2015). The Relevance of Ethics in Business. Subalternspeak Journal: An International Journal of Post-Colonial Studies, 3(2), 7-17.

Research interests

  • Dr. Agravat’s research interests lie in the themes of Continuing Professional Development, Ethics in Education, Project-Based-Learning, Soft-Skills and 21st century skills in higher academic institutions.


  • OLCD-DEAP0010-English for Academic Purposes (EAP): Foundations 2 - Reading and Writing
  • OLCD-DEAP0010-EAP Foundations 2 - Listening and Speaking
  • OLCD-DEAP0011-EAP 1 - Listening and Speaking
  • OLCD-DEAP0011-EAP 1 - Reading and Writing

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