What is IMPART?

IMPART is the Initiative on Medication Management, Policy Analysis, Research & Training and it was established in 2001.

This initiative strives for excellence in research that is used to produce evidence to inform decision makers on the structure, financing, management, prescribing, utilization and evaluation of pharmaceutical products, programs and policies.

IMPART is a research unit within the College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University and located in room 110 of the Burbidge Building 5968 College St, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is an expansion of the Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics Research Center established in 1993.

Who is IMPART for?

IMPART is a multidisciplinary initiative for those interested in research related to pharmaceutical management and policy. Undergraduate and graduate students can gain information about potential research topics and supervisors. Visiting professors can learn more about Canadian pharmaceutical policy. Government and health related organizations can contact IMPART to learn about the stock of research produced that may assist them and to inquire about the potential for customized research.

IMPART is not only for those in the health field. There are opportunities for students from many disciplines (health services research , epidemiology, economics, industrial psychology , health informatics, law and other disciplines) who have a common interest in helping to inform policy and decision making related to pharmaceutical management. These students can look at opportunities for employement as well as graduate programs.

End users of IMPART's research include decision makers in the health care system, patients, health care professionals, health care organizations, third party insurers and government.