The services offered by the Minerals Engineering Centre include sample preparation, dense liquid separation, thin section preparation and a well-equipped physical and analytical laboratory for the analysis of major and trace elements of samples including geological, metalliferous ores, industrial minerals, coals, soils, metals, alloys, waters, solutions and organic material.

The laboratory emphasizes quality control in all analyses and routinely uses reference materials obtained from CANMET, U.S. Geological Survey and National Research Council materials from the United State

MEC Academic Responsibilities

MEC is not directly involved in teaching. However, the Centre staff instructs mining, metallurgical and other students in analytical techniques to aid their studies, and undergraduate and graduate projects. In addition MEC has collaborated with faculties, departments, and faculty members in all faculties of the university to assist in:

  • program development
  • course development (Minerals preparation and Minerals processing courses)
  • delivering of, or contributing to, individual courses by MEC staff
  • supervision and support of graduate and co-op students, and supervision of undergraduate projects