Transition Year Program

Explore your potential

Have you ever thought of attending University? Thought you couldn’t do it? Have you thought, “I am not ready for university, I have been out of school for too many years, I don’t think I can make it through?” Well, many Transition Year Program (TYP) students feel the same way but listened to the little voice inside them that said "DO IT!" TYP helps you prepare for University and explore your potential, and live your dreams.

Dalhousie University and community leaders have forged a path of inclusiveness and diversity. The TYP began in 1970 with a mandate to “increase the access and the successful participation of Black and Aboriginal students at Dalhousie University.

TYP focuses upon the student and prepares him/her for University. The program offers financial support to qualified applicants, as well as living allowance. To succeed in TYP you must work hard and push yourself beyond what you believe you can do! Our TYP students have gone on to complete degrees in Architecture, Nursing, Law, social work to name a few.