Refining Your Learning Skills for Academically Dismissed Students

Refining Your Learning Skills for Academically Dismissed Students is a practical and experiential program, which gives you the opportunity to work towards achieving academic success.

This course may assist you in your application for a waiver of academic dismissal if you are a Dalhousie Student. A waiver means you may return to classes in September rather than sitting out a year. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your Faculty or program advisor before registering for this course, especially if you are a student at an institution other than Dalhousie.

You may only take this course ONCE. No student may repeat this course.

Register early. Space is limited.


  1. University-level competency in spoken and written English.
  2. Academic Dismissal from a post-secondary institution.


Refining classes run from 9:00 am sharp until 12:30 noon for 10 days over a two-week period. There is a written assignment every day that requires approximately 3 hours of work and a printed submission. There are also required afternoon appointments.

Strict Academic Integrity regulations apply. Pass mark is 80%.

It is a holistic program, wherein students will be asked to develop and demonstrate effective study skills, as well as coping strategies and other aspects of self-care.

Topics include:

Session Topic
1 Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours
2 Time Management
3 Learning from Lectures and Note Taking
4 Coping Strategies
5 Goal Setting and Breaking Bad Habits
6 Procrastination and Alternative Thinking Strategies
7 Learning Styles
8 Assertive Communication and Exam Anxiety
9 Exam Preparation and Survival Tips
10 Mindfulness and Your Future

Fee & Upcoming Dates

Fee: $895 - Full payment is required to secure a seat.

Dates: Classes will be offered April to August 2020

Location:  Mona Campbell Room 1108, 1459 LeMarchant Street

Maximum class size is 30 students. Classes are subject to cancellation if enrolment is too low.


  • Acquire study skill techniques required for academic success.
  • Learn strategies to manage stress.
  • Identify your preferred style of learning.
  • Apply a time management system to handle a heavy workload.
  • Learn goal setting techniques.
  • Gain the most out of lectures.
  • Develop a note taking system that leads to achieving learning outcomes.
  • Identify techniques of test and exam preparation.
  • Become a better, more confident student.
  • Renew your sense of purpose and direction.
  • Achieve your desired Grade Point Average.
  • Increase self-awareness and confidence.
  • Identify positive patterns of thinking, feeling and doing.
  • Create strategies for work, study and personal life balance.