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Police Leadership

If you are looking to enhance your management and leadership skills in policing or law enforcement, the Dalhousie University Certificate in Police Leadership is for you.

The program is run online with students participating from across Canada and internationally. We also offer one course across the country that has a workshop component. All courses stand on their own, so you can take whichever course you want without having to commit to the entire certificate program. There are various certificate options as shown below, so if you are pursuing a certificate you have a lot of flexibility in steering your learning in the direction that is going to help you achieve your goals, whether that is for promotional opportunities,  a job-specific requirement, or personal interest.

Have a degree already?

A post-degree certificate only enhances your skill-set as a police officer. Professional development is necessary in an era of rapid change, and our courses are career specific, adding to your arsenal of skills.

Do not have a degree?

This program is also for you. There are no pre-requisites for acceptance except that you be working in law enforcement. We assume a certain level of knowledge and experience, then build on that. A degree is often intimidating to work on part-time, but a certificate program is much more manageable. You can get your first Police Leadership certificate by only taking three courses. You can then work towards additional certificates, and eventually transfer these successes over to a degree program if you want to go this route (see the section on Transfer Credits). In the end you can have both Dalhousie University certificate(s) and perhaps a degree from another institution with no more work involved.

Certificates and concentrations

Police Leadership Certificate (with concentrations in):

Online courses

Each of our courses stand on their own. You should feel free to sign up for the course that interests you even if you do not want to commit to the entire certificate program.


Benefits of the program

  • Provides police personnel with the skills they need to lead in their organizations and in their communities.
  • Provides modern police and security organizations with flexible and relevant leadership and management education.
  • Prepares police and security agencies to best serve their respective constituencies.
  • Develops professionals capable of leading organizational change to meet future demands.
  • Develops LEADERS capable of determining their own future.
  • Delivers programs in accordance with the best adult education principles and methods available.

Who should participate

  • Municipal police
  • Provincial police
  • National police
  • Military police
  • Personnel currently working in law enforcement
  • Sworn and civilian employees

The Police Leadership Program has indeed been the best investment in my police career… As a result of my educational journey with you, every time I communicate properly, respectfully and intently, manage efficiently, budget responsibly, police strategically, deliver police service effectively, and exercise leadership, it will be, in big part, because of you."

Sgt. Alain Gingras, RCMP, Immigration and Passport Section, Ottawa