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Become the leader you know you can be

The demanding schedule of police work can make professional development difficult. But to stay on top of your fast-moving profession—and ready yourself for the next step in your career—you need to build your skillset and strategic perspectives.

That’s why our online police leadership certificates are flexible and offer you the ability to study around your schedule. Only three courses are required to complete your first certificate, putting a respected university credential well within your reach.

Take your expertise to the next level

Our courses are designed to build on your police training, education and experience. You’ll study with law enforcement professionals from across Canada and learn from experts who will ensure you gain relevant skills that can immediately be put to work.

A leader in police education for more than 25 years, Dalhousie’s well-recognized curriculum provides you with:

  • Access to experts in policing and law enforcement
  • The latest in modern policing perspectives and knowledge
  • The credentials you need for professional advancement

Skills development that fits your schedule

Courses are delivered through our easy-to-use online platform. Set your own schedule, knowing you’ve got the full support of our instructors and staff.

Police leadership certificates

The only admission requirement is experience in policing and law enforcement, making our certificates ideal for those with or without prior university experience. You can earn the Certificate in Police Leadership in one or more of the five concentration areas.

Since the courses are online almost all the assessments are based on written submissions. If you feel that you need to improve your writing skills before engaging in the Police Leadership Program, you may want to consider the online Writing Skills for Academic Study course.

Note: late registrations are only accepted with the permission of the Program Director.

Develop budgeting, financial management and strategic human resource management skills. 

Law and Justice       
Deepen your knowledge of police ethics, workplace human rights and other contemporary legal issues.

International Policing and Security
Gain insight into current global issues including child soldiers and gangs, as well as domestic and international terrorism.

Service Delivery
Examine new policing models that focus on distinct communities and explore the complex processes involved in changing police practices in sustainable and evidence-based ways.

Supervisory Skills
Develop crucial skills in communication and coaching.

Police leadership courses

We offer a broad range of courses in specific aspects of police leadership. You can register for them individually or as part of a certificate.

Evidence-Based Policing
Learn to use research evidence strategically to inform management and decision-making.

Leadership (Replaces Police Leadership and Management Development)
Develop your leadership skills by examining the five practices of 'exemplary leadership' and explore the concept of credibility and its role in leadership and development of relationships.

Ethics (Replaces Ethics for Police Leaders)
Examine how professional ethics apply to individuals and organizations, and its role in leadership.

How to register

1. Complete this registration form 
2. Submit the form to Program Manager, Gwen Doary
3. Pay the fees.

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