Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate Program

The Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate Program is currently under review.  As of October 2019, we are not accepting new applicants until this process is completed.

It is our intention to have a new certificate program in place by Fall 2020.

The courses currently scheduled can be taken by those that have started their certificates and can be taken as stand-alone courses for anyone with an interest in these topics.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause.

This program has been designed for individuals who are currently or will be responsible for the design and coordination of health safety plans for their organization. Graduates of the program will have acquired the systems necessary to manage and control loss, to identify and protect against potential liabilities and to ensure compliance of existing federal and provincial regulatory requirements. The increasing need to prove due diligence in preventing injury and disease puts great importance on the establishment of an effective occupational health and safety plan. This program provides the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and implement an effective occupational health and safety plan for any organization. The focus of the program is multi-disciplinary and application oriented to reflect the issues pertinent to the growing field of health and safety in the workplace. The curriculum features an integrated focus on ergonomics, environmental, biological, chemical and human behavioural issues. The program concentrates on the principles of occupational health and safety, accident control and loss management.

Who should apply

This program is intended for individuals who are responsible for health and safety coordination. It will be beneficial to health and safety coordinators, nurses, human resources professionals, hygiene technicians, engineers, architects, government employees, managers and front line supervisors involved in the design and implementation of occupational health and safety plans for their organization; those responsible for health and safety on the construction site, within industrial plants, hospitals and facilities of all sizes. Individuals who have a high school diploma and at least two years related experience in the workforce may be admitted to the program.

Admission with advanced standing

An exemption of up to two courses may be granted to participants who have successfully completed training equivalent to the compulsory courses. Those seeking an exemption must apply in writing to the Program Director and provide details of the training and mark achieved for which they are seeking an exemption. Training should be taken within the last five years and a mark of no lower than 70% must have been achieved. Course exemptions do not apply to elective courses.

Certificate requirements

Participants are required to take eight courses, six compulsory, and two electives, which amounts to approximately 270 classroom hours. Candidates for the certificate program will be required to meet certain criteria specific to each course. The participant must attain a minimum of 60% per course. There is an evaluation at the end of each course.


Courses are offered over three terms yearly: fall, winter and spring, beginning in September, running to the end of June. No courses are offered in July or August. In each term four courses are offered for a minimum total of twelve courses annually. These courses are not offered via distance education. The program requires the completion of eight courses.

Most participants find it possible to graduate within two years and some in less time depending on their funding and time available to them for course attendance. One and a half to two years is the average time most participants take to comfortably complete the program though a maximum of four years is allowed.


The total cost for the program is approximately $11,160. The program is HST exempt and fees include the cost of all course materials.

Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals

The OH&S Management Program is approved by the BCRSP as meeting their education standard for one (1) year college or university certificate program in Occupational Health & Safety Management (www.bcrsp.ca)

Required courses (six required)

Electives (choose two)