During Your Placement

As a QES Scholar, there are responsibilities that you must fulfill during the period of your placement in-country.

QES Scholar checklist

  • Read the Scholar Narrative Report form and share a copy with your supervisor at the host organization (all reports available via the online QES Portal). This form must be completed with your supervisor before the end of your placement. 
  • Inform your Dalhousie supervisor of any major concerns or issues that could jeopardize your placement and/or personal safety at any time during your placement.
  • Network with fellow QES Scholars.  Consider blogging or other forms of communication.  Use social media to talk about your placement and use the hashtag #QEScholars.
  • Start thinking about what you will need to do when you finish your placement, including submitting your Narrative Report and conducting public engagement activities in Canada and abroad. Take relevant photos and videos that you will be able to use to showcase your placement during public engagement activities.
  • Consider submitting an article, photos, or videos to the Dal QES team or to Universities Canada for publication.