After You Return

As a QES Scholar, there are responsibilities that you must fulfill after you have completed your placement.


Canadian outgoing scholars and interns will be expected to debrief their placement with the Dalhousie unit responsible for that placement. Content of the debriefing will include:

  • Workshop on reverse cultural shock and adaptation / mitigation strategies
  • Interviews with Dalhousie faculty supervisors about in-country experiences, and feedback on improving the design of future placements
  • Training program on strategies for effective public engagement activities
  • Sustaining the QE Scholars Network.

Public engagement activities

The purpose of public engagement activities is to increase Canadians’ level of awareness and understanding of international development issues and to promote the active engagement of Canadians in development.

Dalhousie outgoing scholars and interns must, upon their return to Canada, work with staff of the Dalhousie unit responsible for their placements to organize at least one public engagement activity, in order to share the lessons learned about development, through their placements.  Incoming scholars are also expected to organize at least one public engagement activity in Canada, during their studies at Dalhousie.

In addition to public engagement activity(ies) on campus, the promotion of your involvement in the QES program can take place locally or nationally via presentations and events (e.g. at local schools, churches or community groups, or at national conferences) as well as via print and broadcast media, including community newspapers and specialized magazines which are often looking for good news stories to feature.

All your promotional activities must recognize that the QES program is financed by the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC). Please use the following text in any printed materials: “Activity undertaken with the financial support of the Community Foundations of Canada”.  Please also include the logos of the QES Program funders, which can be found at the bottom of the home page of the Dal QES website.

Accreditation (Canadian QES Scholars only)

Complete and submit to your Dalhousie supervisor the project that was agreed-upon at the outset of your placement, to ensure you receive the required academic credit.

Final payment (Canadian QES Scholars only)

Once you have completed your public engagement activity and submitted your Narrative Report, the remaining balance of your scholarship will be paid to you.


Keep in Touch with the QES Network – Train Future Scholars!

Continue to use the QES Network to keep in touch with fellow scholars, and connect with future ones.  You will be invited to attend the annual QES Scholar social event to be held at Dalhousie each autumn.  The Dalhousie unit responsible for your placement will also contact you to participate in the pre-departure orientations of future QES Scholars – your experience will help new interns and scholars to be better prepared for their placements.