Procurement Policies

As a public institution, Dalhousie University has a responsibility to act and be seen to act in a fair and open manner. University purchasing activities must be conducted in accord with this responsibility.

University Procurement Policy 

This policy has been developed to ensure that all university funds are well managed and used effectively and economically. The policy describes the purchasing authority and responsibilities for purchasing within the university, along with the processes for acquisition of goods and services. 

Code of Conduct

To maintain public trust and confidence, Dalhousie University has a responsibility to act and be seen to act in a fair, equitable and transparent manner. Likewise, University faculty and staff involved with procurement related activities must be seen to act with professionalism, honesty, and fairness. The code of conduct is intended to guide to all employees involved in procurement activities.

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

CFI is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI policy and program guide provides details of eligibility requirements and procedures to be followed when applying for a CFI grant.

All requests for CFI funding are subject to formal independent review and assessment in order to determine the degree to which a request satisfies the CFI criteria for support relative to competing requests.

Procurement Legislation

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