Making a Claim

Anytime there is a loss or damage to University property through theft, vandalism or accident, a claim should be made to report the incident.


  1. Notify Campus Security of incident.
  2. Campus Security will prepare a Security Report.  Financial Services will also receive a copy of this report, but will not contact the appropriate insurer to begin the claim process unless contacted by the department to request that a claim be initiated.
  3. After the insurer has assessed the incident and determined if an insurance claim is appropriate, Financial Services is advised.
  4. Financial Services notifies the department, that incurred the loss or damage, to purchase the replacement items, and proof of replacement is provided to Financial Services.
  5. Financial Services authorizes the loss documents and the insurer processes a payment for the University.
  6. Once the cheque is received, the amount of the claim, less the deductible, if applicable, is credited to the appropriate University account.

The time limitation for making a claim for stolen or damaged property is one year.  Additionally, if a claim has been initiated but the required documentation is not provided within one year from the date the claim was initiated, the claim will be closed, and there will be no further reimbursement.