1.  What insurance coverage is provided for laptop computers?

Laptop computers are covered under the University’s self-insurance computer policy. There is a $500 deductible that must be absorbed by the department. This deductible increases to $2,500 for a mysterious disappearance or if there is no sign of forced entry. Coverage of a laptop stolen from a vehicle is excluded entirely if there are no signs of forced entry.

Laptops, cameras, etc, should always stay with the person when traveling - even when in a car. They should not be checked with the luggage or left unattended. They should never be left in a vehicle overnight or even while going into a store. More and more laptops are stolen from vehicles, and there is no sign of forced entry.

2.  Another institution requires proof of insurance coverage – how do arrange this?

When an institution requests proof of insurance coverage, we can provide a certificate of insurance. Refer to the Certificate of Insurance section for details.

3.   I would like a copy of our insurance policies for our file or to provide to external party. 

We do not provide copies of insurance policies to departments. If you have any questions regarding coverage, contact the Risk Management Coordinator at 902-494-8356. If you require proof of coverage for an event, refer to the Certificate of Insurance section.

4.   Provide me with a letter showing what insurance coverage Dalhousie carries. 

We do not provide a general letter of insurance coverage to be kept on file to be used as required. Each year, our insurance policies are renewed, and there may be changes that may not be reflected in the letter. If you require proof of coverage for an event, placement or practicum, we can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. Refer to the section on Certificates of Insurance for further information. 

5.   I am borrowing or renting equipment, and we will be held liable should it become damaged.  Is this equipment covered under our property policy? 

The simple answer is yes. But, our general property policy carries a high deductible, which may be more than the value of the borrowed equipment. If the value of the equipment is below the deductible, we can arrange insurance coverage for the equipment for the length of time it is in the University’s possession. There will be a premium charged for this coverage, which is the responsibility of the department borrowing the equipment. Contact the Risk Management Coordinator at 494-8356 for further information.

6.   Our department is purchasing a new vehicle – how do I arrange insurance coverage?

All University-owned automobiles are insured under the University’s auto fleet policy. Coverage must be in place when taking possession of the vehicle. Contact the Risk Management Coordinator to arrange coverage.  

Also, Dalhousie University has a registration number for University-owned vehicles. This includes vehicles purchased with Research or Grant funds. This number should be added to the purchase order when purchasing the vehicle. Contact the Risk Management Coordinator to make sure the vehicle is registered in the University’s name. Otherwise, it cannot be insured under the University’s auto fleet policy. 

7.   I am renting a vehicle for University business.  Does the University provide coverage or do I have to purchase insurance from the rental company?

Dalhousie University does not have a central policy that provides insurance coverage for rented vehicles. Liability and property damage insurance must be purchased from the rental agency.  Contact the Risk Management Coordinator at 902-494-8356 if further information is required.

8.   As part of my University duties, I am required to sit on a board of an entity external to the University.  Am I covered by Dalhousie’s insurance while sitting on this board?

The insurance of the external entity would be the first to respond, as you are a member of their board. Dalhousie’s insurance would be considered secondary coverage, as you are an employee of the University who is required to sit on this board during the course of your employment.

9.   Who do I contact in case of an auto accident/incident with a University-owned vehicle?

If you are in an accident while driving a University-owned vehicle, you would respond in the same manner as any vehicle accident. This would include contacting the police, emergency response and Security. Instead of contacting the insurer directly, please contact the Risk Management Coordinator at 902-494-8356 as soon as possible, regardless of fault. If required, this office will initiate the claims process and be the liaison between you and the insurer. You should also notify your supervisor or department head.

10.   How do I arrange insurance coverage while a piece of equipment is in transit?

Coverage depends on the shipping destination and the value of the equipment. Contact the Risk Management Coordinator at 902-494-8356 for further information.

11.   How do I make an insurance claim?

If the incident took place on campus, contact Security Services at 902-494-6400 to report the incident.  A copy of this report will be sent to the Risk Management Coordinator's office.  But please note, contacting Security Services does not start the insurance claim process. Then contact the Risk Management Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss available insurance coverage.

For most property claims, you will need to provide evidence showing that the item was purchased with University funds. Depending on the nature of the claim, an adjuster may be assigned to investigate the incident. The Risk Management Coordinator will act as the liaison between you and the insurance adjuster.