Killam Energy Refit


The Killam Memorial Library is undergoing energy and water retrofits, as well as some infrastructure renewal to improve sustainability and building performance.

This includes the following work:

  • Ventilation, air distribution and controls improvements;
  • Energy-efficient lighting upgrades;
  • Plumbing fixture upgrades to energy efficient, touchless fixtures in washrooms;
  • Upgrading main air handling units in basement and 5th floor of the Killam building;
  • Conversion of heating systems from steam to hot water;
  • Maintenance and/or replacement of failed windows and glass on all floors and in the atrium.

Read a DalNews story about the project. 

Visit the project website maintained by Libraries. 


The retrofit of the Killam Memorial Library is part of Dalhousie’s overall Energy Master Plan and sustainability and climate agenda.

The program of improvements will reduce overall energy usage and energy cost of the buildings by 55%, reduce water consumption by 59% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,157 tonnes of CO2. The improvements will provide an energy-efficient building, with significantly improved lighting and thermal comfort. 

Several other upgrades will address building mechanical and electrical equipment and infrastructure, thereby improving the facility reliability and condition, and reducing maintenance costs.

In most spaces, the projects will range in  complexity from lighting upgrades, to air distribution and controls upgrades.  While some of the work will be done in service spaces and ‘behind-the-scenes’, there is considerable work to be done in occupied spaces throughout the facilities as well.


Project overview

Location:  6225 University Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Sustainability and infrastructure renewal partner: MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.  

Construction Schedule: Summer 2023 to January 2026


May – August

Ground Floor

  • Killam Library Service Point
  • Gord Downey & Chanie Wenjack Legacy Space, including the Learning Commons, Ko’jua Okuom Indigenous Community Room, IT Help Desk & Hardware Services, Writing Centre and Atlantic Research Data Centre

June – July

Ground Floor

  • Student Accessibility Centre 

October - November

Ground Floor

  • Centre for Learning & Teaching
  • Music Collection
  • Office of the Dean of Libraries 

November – January

Second Floor

  • LINC Classroom 
  • Library book and journal collections (Call Numbers U-Z, Oversize books and Government Documents)


January - March

Second Floor

  • McNab Reading Room and Upper Learning Commons

  • Study tables surrounding atrium

March – May 

Third Floor

  • Study tables surrounding atrium

May – July

Third Floor

  • Library book and journal collections (Call Numbers P-T)

May – August

First Floor

  • Main entrance to Killam Library

  • Atrium including food services

July – September

Fifth Floor

  • Archives and Special Collections

  • GIS Centre

September – November

Fifth Floor

  • Study tables surrounding atrium

December – February 2025

Fourth Floor

  • Graduate Students Centre (Grad Pad)

  • Student study space and study tables surrounding atrium 


February – April

Fourth Floor

  • Book and journal collections (Call Numbers A-L, N)

Construction Updates