Md. Sultan Mahmud

Graduate Student
Department of Engineering
Precision Agriculture Research Program
Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University
Truro, NS, Canada, B2N 5E3
Phone: (902) 953-1129

Research Area:
Md. Sultan Mahmud currently works at the Department of Engineering (Faculty of Agriculture), Dalhousie University as a Master of Science student. Mr. Mahmud does research in Machine vision and Machine learning in agriculture. He is currently working on strawberry leaf diseases detection by using image processing based machine vision and machine learning techniques.

·         M. Sc., (Agriculture), Dalhousie University, Canada (Ongoing: May, 2017 to Present)
·         B. Sc., (Agricultural Engineering), Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh

Machine vision, Machine learning, Image Processing, Biosystems automation in agriculture, Precision agriculture technologies, RTK-GPS and GIS applications, Variable rate spraying technologies

Master of Science Research Title:
Development of image processing based strawberry powdery mildew disease detection algorithms

Starting Date: May, 2017

1. Mahmud, M. S., Chang, Y. K., Price, G. W., Nguyen-Quang, T., & Prithiviraj, B. Comparison of Image Texture based Supervised Learning Classifiers for Strawberry Powdery Mildew Detection. Biosystems Engineering. Under review (YBENG_2018_257).

2. Rehman, T. U., Mahmud, M. S., Chang, Y. K., Jin, J., & Shin, S. Current and Future Application of Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms for Agricultural Machine Vision Systems. Computer and Electronics in Agriculture. Under review (COMPAG_2018_404).

3. Sarkar, S., Mahmud*, M. S., Kabir, A. H., Sarker, M. K. U., & Munnaf, M. A. (2016). Selection of Suitable Tillage Pattern for Fuel Economy. Research Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Vol. 4(4), 1-4(April).