Background Reports provide context for NELS research

Links below provide further context and resources

The Speak Up campaign provides resources to encourage Canadian adults to prepare an advance care plan by speaking with their families. This direct-to-community campaign is in accord with a public health approach being advocated by Allan Kellehear (see NELS News 5, page 8) and others.

Internationally, the United Kingdom (UK) has been a leader in the delivery of palliative care. For example, see their Gold Standards Framework.

British Columbia has adapted the UK approach for primary care and has comprehensive Program Support Progam materials available including a functional pdf that provides immediate access to guidelines, forms and other resources with a click on a bubble.

The Virtual Hospice headquartered in Winnipeg provdes extensive information on palliative care including online consultation.

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association also provides information and serves in an advocacy role.

Caring Bridge is a US based website that a family caregiver can use to quickly and efficiently provide updates to other family members and friends.