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Dr. Jennifer Isenor, BSc(Pharm), PharmD

Melissa Helwig, MLIS

Morgan Sproul, BSc 

We wish to thank the original authors Mary E. MacCara, PharmD and Elizabeth Foy, as well as supervising author Glenn Rodrigues, 2012-13.

The individuals listed below worked on DIR while pharmacy students at Dalhousie University: Andrew Hawley, Reilly Brown, Douglas MacQuarrie, Emily Hargrove, Ryan Savary, Mark Chambers, Gregory Burke, Jeff Nicholson, Jeff Boutilier, Angela Walsh, Tiffany Hodder Savary, Harold Boudreau, Stephanie Campbell, Christopher Daley, Sarah Woodworth, Jacqueline Bower, Michael B. Weale, Carl Kooka, Nada Toulany, Garret O'Leary, Giorgio Karam and Ashley Arsenault. 


We wish to thank the many people who have helped us by providing us with recommendations and their preferences for information sources. (They are in alphabetical order: Margaret Ackman, Sean Albanese, Mohja Alia, Hoan Linh Banh, Jeannie Collins Beaudin, Joel Bergman, Nevine Boghdady, Harold Boudreau, Susan Bowles, Nicky Corkum, Robert Drobitch, Sarah Estabrooks, Peter Ford, David Gardner, Patricia Gerber, James Godin, Nicole Hartnell, Meghan Hayes, Theresa Hurley, David Jakeman, Tannis Jurgens, Andrea Kent, Megan Larsen, Rebecca LeBlanc, Heather Lummis, Robert MacDiarmid, Tamara MacDonald, Douglas MacQuarrie, Debbie MacIntyre, Leslie Manuel, Colleen Mayhew, Alicia McCallum, Trent McLaughlin, Mary Murphy, Andre Pollmann, Johanna Profit, Chad Purcell, Elizabeth Reid, Lesley Roberts, Jennifer Ryan, Vanessa Sherwood, Ingrid Sketris, Iain Smith, Kathryn Tiedje, Ross Tsuyuki, Adil Virani, David Wadden, Anne-Marie Whelan, Pollen Yeung, and Peter Zed

Published: 01 Jun 2015
Revised: 18 May 2020