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Volunteer spotlight: Varsha Hemrajani

Computer scientist Varsha Hemrajani (MEC’21) is a user interface (UI) developer and volunteers with Dal's Women in Tech mentorship program.

Posted: December 1, 2023

An Indian woman faces the camera straight on. Her long dark hair is pulled into a ponytail that hangs over one shoulder. She is wearing large, clear-framed glasses and a black blazer with a white T-shirt underneath. She is smiling.

Computer scientist Varsha Hemrajani (MEC’21) is a user interface (UI) developer in the finance and education industries and volunteers her time and expertise with Dalhousie's Women in Tech mentorship program. She also answers monthly surveys through Dal's Insight Circle.

Describe your Dal volunteer journey.

I have been volunteering at Dal since 2020. My journey started by volunteering at the Dalhousie Student Leadership Conference (Dal Lead). I have been a mentor for the Faculty of Computer Science’s Leacross Women in Tech mentorship program since 2022. I’ve also been part of Dal’s Insight Circle since 2021. I was a panelist for Women in Tech Day in 2022, speaking to high school students about my experience.

What inspired you to become a Dal volunteer?

Volunteering gives me peace of mind. It’s the one place where people don’t compete with each other and instead, work together.  

What have you learned or gained from volunteering at Dalhousie?

I think everybody can volunteer in their own capacity. It not only makes you more empathetic and builds connections, but it serves a purpose toward the betterment of society.

Can you name the single best experience you’ve had as a Dal volunteer?

I got to take special photos with the Dal Tiger, and that was such a cute and fun moment.

Do you have any advice for alumni interested in volunteering at Dal?

I would say: start small. Sometimes volunteering can be overwhelming, so start with the time and opportunity that makes you comfortable.

Beyond being an alum and volunteer, do you have other connections to Dal?

I currently work part-time as an academic instructor in the Faculty of Management.

There are many places to volunteer. Why do you give your time and talent to Dal?

Dalhousie was the place I started my volunteering journey in Canada. I used to volunteer at my engineering school in India before coming to Canada. I am thankful to the people who create events for community members to access resources. When I arrived, I saw so many people already working for a cause and volunteering. The committees accepted me as soon as I told them I wanted to join. It's easy to get involved with volunteering at Dal.