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Volunteer spotlight: April MacQueen

A teacher in Dartmouth, April MacQueen (BSc'06) has been a Dal volunteer since the mid-2000s.

Posted: December 4, 2023

MacQueen stands with hands clasped dressed in a Convocation gown next to a backdrop with the Dalhousie University Seal.

April MacQueen (BSc'06) contributed her volunteer story to share why she volunteers her time and talent to Dal and advice for other alumni interested in the volunteer experience.

How long have you been a Dal volunteer and in what capacity?

I have been a volunteer since the mid-2000s, volunteering with faculty events, Alumni Association events, the Halifax Alumni Chapter Board, and answering surveys through Dal Insight Circle.

What inspired you to begin volunteering with Dal?

I was highly involved in campus activities, societies and organizations, and worked on campus throughout my two Dal degrees. I wanted to continue being involved once I graduated and strengthen my connection and networking with Dal.

What have you learned or gained from your time as a volunteer?

My time at Dal wasn’t limited to the years it took to complete my degrees; my connection to the university is lifelong.

Please share your best volunteer experience (so far).

As an alum volunteering to pin graduates with their alumni pin at Spring convocation, I had the privilege of pinning one of my former students. It was a full-circle moment to have taught her science in grade 9 to witnessing her graduating with Distinction and having the chance to catch up with her.

Do you have any advice for other alumni who might be interested in volunteering?

Do it! There are multiple opportunities that allow for your involvement beyond your degree, allowing you to remain connected to Dal. These opportunities can be as flexible as completing the monthly Insight Circle surveys to helping out with a variety of events.

What's your favourite memory from your time at Dal?

Getting to meet Mr. Dressup in the Grawood Lounge when he had a speaking engagement during his retirement tour. Sitting on the floor on gym mats that were borrowed from the Dalplex, intently listening to every word he had to say, evoked a grand sense of nostalgia, despite being surrounded by the wooden decor of the basement Grawood. He shared some drinks with those of us in attendance and even swore, which was met by a collective gasp from us.

April MacQueen with the late Mr. Dressup at the Grawood.

There are plenty of place to volunteer — why do you donate your time and talent to Dal?

Dal was such a huge part of my life for so many years, I couldn’t cut ties upon graduation. Plus, the commitment is flexible.