Fact Sheets

General Production

Blueberry Grower's Code Of Practice For Pest Management[PDF 152KB]

Growing Lowbush Blueberries In Nova Scotia[PDF 215KB]

Protection of Lowbush Blueberry Soils from Erosion[PDF 162KB]

Pruning Wild Blueberries - Principles and Practices[PDF 237KB]
Evaluating Land for Wild Blueberry Potential [PDF 1.3MB]
Crop Insurance for Wild Blueberries in Nova Scotia  
Developing Wild Blueberry Fields[PDF 1.9MB]

Fertilization of Wild Lowbush Blueberries[PDF 86KB]

Lowbush Blueberry Production and Marketing in Nova Scotia (Note: the last report of this type was in 2000)

Blueberry Production  
Organic Wild Lowbush Blueberry Guide[PDF 365KB]
Filling Bare Spots in Wild Blueberry Fields[PDF 134KB]
Levelling Land in Wild Blueberry Fields[PDF 253KB]
Windbreak Technology for Wild Blueberry Fields
Developing Fields for Wild Blueberry Production   
Soil and Leaf Sampling in Wild Blueberry Production[PDF 263KB]
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers for Wild Blueberry Production
Using Mulches in Wild Blueberry Fields[PDF 92.6KB]
Pruning Wild Blueberry Fields[PDF 212KB]
Burning Permits for Wild Blueberry Fields
Producing High Quality Wild Blueberry Fruit
Industry Overview: New Brunswick Wild Blueberries[PDF 286KB]
Growth and Development of the Wild Blueberry[PDF 260KB]
Basic Blueberries [PDF 322KB]
Identifying and Assessing Blueberry Land
Wild Blueberries[PDF 155KB]


Lowbush Blueberry Cultivars Developed at Kentville
(AAFC) PEI Wild Blueberry Leaf Nutrient Ranges [PDF 2.24MB]
Canadian flag(AAFC) Île-du-Prince-Édouard Élements nutritifs foliaires des bleuets sauvageS[PDF 2.19MB]
Canadian flag (AAFC) Leaf Nutrient Content of Wild Blueberry Responds Quickly to Gypsum Applied in the Crop Year[PDF 75KB]
Canadian flag (AAFC) Effects of Sulpher Application in Wild Blueberry Fields [PDF 101KB]
Canadian flag (AAFC) Soil Phosphorus and Wild Blueberry Soils - Caution[PDF 82KB]
(AAFC) Gypsum Enhances Leaf Nutrient Content of Wild Blueberry[PDF 90.5KB]
(AAFC) Effect of Gypsum on Wild Lowbush Blueberry Yield[PDF 73KB]
Canadian flag[pdf  (AAFC) Effect of dolomitic Limestone, Calcitic Limestone and Gypsum Applied in the Sprout Year[PDF 84KM]
Canadian flag (AAFC) Gypsum as an Organic Amendment in Lowbush Blueberry Production[PDF 480KB]
Growing Blueberries in the Home Garden
Integrated Crop Management Field Scouting Guide for Lowbush Blueberries
Wild Blueberry Acres by Counties
Growing Low Growing Blueberries From Seed ush Blueberries from Seed
Home Garden Lowbush Blueberry Planting Guide
Sources of Lowbush Blueberry Plants h Blueberry Plants (revised 2007)
Wild Blueberry Culture in Maine
Filling Bare Spots in Blueberry Fields
Cultural Management pH
Sources of Lowbush Blueberry Plants
Mulching to Improve Plant Cover
Pruning Lowbush Blueberry Fields
Flower Primordia Development Stage with Temperature Tolerance
222-Lowbush Blueberry Nutrition Series: Leaf & Soil Sampling Procedures
223-Lowbush Blueberry Nutrition Series: N-P-K
Lowbush  Blueberry Nutrition Series ! Fertilizing with Nitrogen and Phosphorus
Progress Towards the Development of a Mechanical Harvester for Wild Blueberries
Wild Blueberry Crop Statistics   
Blueberries for Home Landscapes
Sources of Rakes and Harvesters