Laboratory Research

Understanding the mechanisms of immune senescence

SAIL’s basic science research team is focused on understanding the mechanisms of immune senescence during chronic viral infection and chronologic aging. Our overall goal is to inform strategies for improving clinical outcomes and enhancing rational vaccine design.

Older individuals are often more susceptible to infections and exhibit poor immune responses to vaccines. This decreased immunity is often referred to as immune aging or immunosenescence.

Immunosenescence is characterized by phenotypic changes and decreased functional responsiveness of immune cells. SAIL uses state-of-the-art immunology and molecular techniques to study these changes. Our research is focused on understanding mechanisms that contribute to immunosenescence and how chronic viral infection accelerates this process.

Research interests

  • Immune predictors of poor vaccine response
  • Immunosenescence in chronic viral infection
  • Immunosenescence and chronologic aging
  • Understanding the role of CMV in immune aging
  • The impact of anti-viral therapy on immunosenescence

Training and employment opportunities

If you are interested in joining the SAIL research team, contact us for current opportunities.