Heather Braiden

Assistant Professor

Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences

Email: heather.braiden@dal.ca
Phone: 902.893.3605
Fax: 902.893.7203
Research Topics:
  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Commodification of landscapes
  • Post-industrial and post-mining landscapes


Heather Braiden is a registered landscape architect and in the process of completing her doctoral dissertation at McGill’s School of Architecture. While at McGill, Heather taught in the Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning and worked with Teaching and Learning Services as a Graduate Education Assistant.  Professionally, she has 10 years’ experience working on projects in North America and Europe.


Heather Braiden is Assistant Professor and program co-ordinator in Landscape Architecture and teaches core courses in history, landscape representation, and design. This appointment is the first of its kind in the Atlantic Canada and as a member of the Department of Environmental Science, she has the opportunity to collaborate with engineers and scientist specialized in all aspects of human impact on the environment. Taking advantage of this setting, she continues her research on the cultural aspects of post-industrial and more specifically post-mining landscapes. 

Currently, in collaboration with Paula Meijerink and with support from the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation, Heather’s research takes her to the former mining community of Thetford Mines. This project explores the formation, spatial impact, and future of the massive tailings hills in and around the town. It asks questions about our cultural understanding of the landscape and searches for the inherent beauty in landscapes that are potentially harmful. The structure of this research is based on her ongoing doctoral work, in cultural landscapes and material culture at the McGill University School of Architecture. 

Heather Braiden is a registered landscape architect and consulted on public and institutional projects in Montreal, with VLAN Paysages and EKM Architecture. In Ireland, she worked with Mitchell + Associates on a post-industrial waterfront redevelopment project, Atlantic Quarter, among other design initiatives and supported research in landscape policy with the Cork City Landscape Strategy. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, where she studied Urban and Regional Planning. 



  • LARC 2001 – Landscape History


• Post-industrial and specifically post-mining landscapes

• Urban geology

• Infrastructure construction, mid-19th century



• Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA)

• Association des architects paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ)

• Ontario Association of Landscape Architect (OALA)



• Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF)

• Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)