Dr. Emmanuel Yiridoe

Professor and Associate Dean Academic

Email: emmanuel.yiridoe@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 893.6699
Mailing Address: 
Department of Business & Social Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture
PO Box 550
Truro, NS, B2N 5E3
Research Topics:
  • Agricultural production economics
  • Resource and environmental economics
  • Agribusiness and farm management
  • Economics of renewable energy systems


  • B.Sc.(Honours) Agriculture U.S.T., Ghana
  • M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), Guelph
  • Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics), Guelph


Undergraduate Courses

  • ECOA2000: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ECOA0202: Production Economics
  • ECOA3003: Mathematical Programming
  • SPEC4005: Special Topics In Agricultural Economics and Business
  • RESM4005: Research Methods for Economics and Business

Graduate Courses

  • AGRI5784: Production Economics
  • AGRI5705: Mathematical Programming for Applied Economic Analysis

Professional Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Production Economics
  • Agribusiness and Farm Management
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Recent Publications

·        Esau, T.,  Q. Zaman, C. MacEachernE. K. Yiridoe, A. Farooque. 2019. Economic and Management Tool for Assessing Wild Blueberry Production Costs and Financial Feasibility. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. (In Press).
·        Olale, E., E.K. Yiridoe, T.O. Ochuodho, and V. Lantz. 2019. Effect of Carbon Tax on Farm Income: Evidence from a Canadian Province. Environmental and Resource Economics. (In Press).
·        Koto, P.S. and E.K. Yiridoe. 2019. Expected Willingness to Pay for Wind Energy in Atlantic Canada. Energy Policy. 129: 80-88.
·        D’Souza, C. and E.K. Yiridoe. 2019. Producer’s Self-Declared Wind Energy Eco-labeling Consequences on the Market: A Canadian Case Study. Sustainability. 11(5): 1218.
·        Yiridoe, E.K., F. Amon-Armah, R. Jamieson, and D. Hebb. 2017. Eco-efficient choice of cropping system for reducing nitrate-N leaching in an agricultural watershed. Journal of Bioeconomics. 19(2): 201-221.