Dr. Deborah Adewole

Assistant Professor and Industry Research Chair, Poultry


Email: deborah.adewole@dal.ca
Phone: 902.893.8023
Mailing Address: 
Faculty of Agriculture
Dalhousie University
PO Box 550, Truro NS B2N 5E3.


Post Doctoral Fellowship - University of Manitoba
Ph.D. - University of Manitoba (Monogastric Nutritional Biochemistry)
M.Sc. - University of Manitoba (Swine Nutrition)
B. Agriculture – Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Research Interests/Activities:

• Development of alternatives to antibiotics in poultry production
• Improving gut health of chickens using dietary fiber and phytogenic substances
• In ovo delivery of bioactive substances to promote gut health of broiler chickens
• Preventing white striping and wooden breast in broiler chickens
• Farm level surveillance of enteric pathogens and resistance to antibiotics in chicken production
• Combating environmental stress in chickens
• Improving laying hens’ enrichment use
• Remote sensing technology in poultry farms


·         BIOA 4000 – Avian Biology

·         RESM 4015 - Honours Thesis II

·         AGRI 5320 - Special Topics in Animal Nutrition



Lab Members

Lab Alumni
Alyssa Koehler - Undergraduate Student
Rojman Khomayezi - Research Assistant
Erin Maxwell - MSc. Student

Current Lab Members
Samson Oladokun – PhD Student
Taiwo Erinle – MSc Student
Taiwo Makinde – MSc Student
Fisayo Akinyemi – PhD Student
Ranitha Fernado – MSc Student (co-supervised)/Plant, Food, and Environmental Science
Janice MacIsaac – Research Associate


  • Canadian Society of Animal Science
  • Poultry Science Association
  • World Poultry Science Association
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • American Society of Nutrition
  • Canadian Society of Nutrition