Automated Yield Monitoring System (AYMS)

An automated yield monitoring system (AYMS) using digital photography technique was developed in Precision Agriculture Laboratory, Engineering Department, NSAC. AYMS consists of a digital camera, custom software, laptop, and DGPS was developed to map fruit yield on-the-go.

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Automated Slope Mapping System (ASMS)

An automated slope measurement and mapping system (SMMS) consisting of low-cost accelerometers used as tilt sensors, differential global positioning system (DGPS), laptop and custom software was developed in the Precision Agriculture Laboratory, Engineering Department, NSAC.

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Soil Sensing using EMI

EMI data coupled with DGPS can be incorporated in geographical information system (GIS) to produce maps. Detailed georeferenced maps would be useful for site specific management and to assess the fertility status of the soil.

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Automated Prototype Variable Rate Sprayer for Spot-Application of Agrochemicals

The unique features of the wild blueberry cropping system emphasize the need for the development of cost-effective VR applicators for spot-applications to significantly reduce amount of agrochemicals usage. VR sprayer consists of sensors/cameras, computerized controllers, solenoid valves and custom image processing software capable of detecting weeds/plants/bare spots to spray herbicide/fungicide/insecticide in a specific section of the boom where the target was detected.

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Automated Commercial Variable Rate Sprayer 

There was a need to develop a variable rate sprayer for accurate spot application of pesticides to maximize profit and minimize environmental impacts. To reduce environmental risks and to reduce the cost of production, the Precision Agriculture Research Program (PARP) started developing a commercial variable rate sprayer for spot-application of Agrochemicals. After several years of phased development, the commercial prototype boom sprayer was tested in 2010 by Dr. Qamar Zaman.

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Variable Rate Granular Fertilizer Spreader

The wild blueberry field has been reported to have significant bare spots and weed patches. Over-fertilization in weed patches and bare spots with conventional methods may affect water quality, and increase production cost. Therefore there is a need to develop variable rate spreader for accurate site-specific fertilization to maximize profit and minimize environmental impacts.

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Spot- Application of Fertilizer Using Automated Sensing and Control System


One of the newest innovations in Precision Agriculture is the real-time VR spreader. Motivation for the development of this type of spreader is increase field performance significantly, while lowering chemical use and costs. This type of VR spreader does not use prescription maps, but relies on digital cameras to provide real-time weed and bare spot detection, which is used to dispense correct fertilizer rate in specific sections of the boom where the plants have been detected.

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Machine Vision System for Spot-specific Delivery of Agrochemicals in Wild Blueberry Fields

A very efficient machine vision algorithm using cost effective digital color camera was developed, that can process the images and underlying field condition to overcome the time delay issues with the previously available systems while the mobile sprayer system advances at typical ground speed.   

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Evaluation of VRT for Environmental Impact

Variable rate (VR) fertilization in wild blueberry fields based on topographic features could improve farm profitability and fertilizer use efficiency, and also can protect environment by reducing nutrient leaching.

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Economic Analysis of the new VR systems

Spatial information management systems hold great potential for allowing producers to fine-tune the locations, timings, and rates of herbicide application. Advances in sensing technology and VR control systems have offered new opportunities for detecting weeds and spot-application of agrochemicals in the specific section of the VR sprayer boom where the weeds have been detected. 

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