Math and Stats - Analysis Applied Math Physics Seminar - "Propagation of singularities in the Calderon inverse problem, or, trying to diagnose strokes with electrostatics"

Speaker : Allan Greenleaf , University of Rochester 

Allan studies partial differential equations, with a specialization in inverse problems and applied mathematics via the lens of harmonic analysis.  In recent years, he and a team of researchers (from UCL, U. Washington, and U. Helsinki) have been using insight gained from the study of inverse problems to give a rigorous foundation and introduce new constructions in the burgeoning field of "cloaking", or invisibility from observation by electromagnetic waves.

Abstract :  Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a technique for the imaging and non-destructive testing (of oil fields, manufactured parts and human bodies) using voltage and current measurements. Over the last 40 years EIT has led to much beautiful mathematics, but the very features that make the mathematical foundation of EIT so interesting mathematically also makes the images EIT produces very blurry. I will describe some of the underlying analysis, and work in progress on applying EIT to stroke diagnosis.


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