Strength of the Human Spirit: COVID-19 - Isolation, Loneliness & Societal Change

Dr. Terry Waite knows a thing or two about solitude and loneliness. The English humanitarian and author travelled to Lebanon in 1987 to secure the release of four hostages as an envoy for the Church of England. He was kidnapped and held captive for 1,763 days by Islamic fundamentalists until his release in 1991.

Enduring nearly five years of solitary confinement, Dr. Waite's experiences and observations about the power of solitude in our lives is more relevant than ever as we contemplate the future in a new world of restrictions imposed by the Corona virus.

The author of three books including Taken on Trust, Out of the Silence and Solitude will share his thoughts on how solitude can shape the human soul, and act as a force for good in our lives, if used effectively.

This Lloyd G Shaw Lecture at Dalhousie University, is supported in partnership with the Warren Discussion Series of Segelberg Trust. The objective of this virtual event is bring the university and broader community into one virtual room, where together, we can contemplate complex societal issues.

Following Dr. Waite's formal presentation, break-out sessions combining students and community participants will be made availabe to encourage and allow a further exploration of the many issues and challenges raised by COVID-19.​

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