Online Oceanography Seminar: David R. Dall'Osto

David R. Dall'Osto
Applied Physics Lab
University of Washington

"If a submarine falls in the ocean, does anybody hear it?"

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The world has built a remarkable detection system of electronic ears to listen for nuclear explosions.  Maintained by the Comprehensive nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization of the UN, this real-time sensor network constantly streams 4 types of data to detect nuclear explosions occurring on Land, Sea or Air.  While fortunately this 20-year old sensor network has never had the opportunity to record an underwater detonation on its hydrophones, its rich database is well worth its multi-billion dollar cost.  Most recently, the network detected the cataclysmic implosion of a submarine lost at sea off the Southeast coast of Argentina in 2017. Sound from the implosion propagated well over 8000 km, through two very different oceans. Details of the network and analysis that led to the successful discovery of this submarine will be discussed, along with procedures to gain access to its database.


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