Sir Graham Day Lecture in Ethics, Morality and the Law: Being Human in the 21st Century

With Professor Brett Frischmann,  Charles Widger Endowed University Professor in Law, Business and Economics, Villanova University

Every day new warnings emerge about artificial intelligence rebelling against us. All the while, a more immediate dilemma flies under the radar. Have forces been unleashed that are thrusting humanity down an ill-advised path, one that's increasingly making us behave like simple machines?

In this wide-reaching, interdisciplinary talk, Brett Frischmann will examine what's happening to our lives as society embraces big data, predictive analytics, and smart environments. He will explain how the goal of designing programmable worlds goes hand in hand with engineering predictable and programmable people.   ‚Äč

Through new frameworks, provocative case studies, and mind-blowing thought experiments that you'll find hard to shake, Frischmann reveals hidden connections between fitness trackers, GPS technology, electronic contracts, social media platforms, robotic companions, fake news, and autonomous cars. The powerful analysis provides much-needed resources for imagining and building alternative futures.


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Room 105, Weldon Law Building