Creating Metacognitive Awareness to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Creating Metacognitive Awareness to Enhance Teaching and Learning​

Presenter: Sean Aitken

March 27, 2019

2:00 - 4:00 PM

B400, Killam Library

As educators, when we think about the specific cognitive processes that underlie teaching and learning, we are engaging in metacognition. Metacognition allows us to identify and assess the processes through which knowledge is encoded and retrieved so that we can use the most effective processes in our teaching. Research in this field has revealed successful learning strategies that can be applied in today’s classrooms to best serve our students and challenged strategies previously thought to be most effective. 

In this discussion, participants will reflect on what cognitive processes they and their students are engaging during their classes and assess whether these processes optimize students’ learning.  We will review some principles forwarded by research in metacognition and generate ideas about how to implement them in our teaching. Finally, we will think about how the cognitive processes involved in teaching and learning differ between classroom and online learning, and what approaches are best suited for either platform. 

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B400, Killam Library