Atlantic Universities' Teaching Showcase 2018

Engaging Learners Through Experiential and High Impact Practices in Higher Education

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Haley Institute, Agricultural Campus
Dalhousie University | Truro, Nova Scotia​

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As a feature teaching and learning celebration during Dalhousie’s 200th Anniversary, the 2018 Atlantic Universities' Teaching Showcase will encourage dialogue about what it means to  create real-world  learning experiences through high impact educational practices.

Whether in the context of individual courses, programs or across an entire institution, these practices are called high impact because they facilitate learning both within and outside of the classroom, require interactions between students and instructors,  encourage critical reflection on experience, invite collaboration with diverse peers or members of external communities, and provide students with frequent, meaningful and substantive feedback. Although they can be time-consuming, evidence shows that participation in these high impact practices can be “life-changing” for our students (Kuh, 2008).

Keynote Speaker

“[Experiential], you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”: Exploring the tensions of experiential learning in higher education through the lens of The Princess Bride.

Dr. Pat Maher, 3M Teaching Fellow, Associate Professor, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Cape Breton University​

Conference Fees​

Early Bird: $120​

General: $140

Dalhousie (paying via credit card): $100

Dalhousie (paying via journal entry): $100

Student: $55






Haley Institute, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, Truro, Nova Scotia


Early Bird: $120​
General: $140
Dalhousie (paying via credit card): $100
Dalhousie (paying via journal entry): $100