Lessons Learned from Computing in Industry

Dave Kasik will give a talk on Lessons Learned from Computing in Industry. He has
35 years of trying to develop and implement advanced technology with Boeing.
Dave will provide case studies of Boeing technical computing advances and trace
their evolution. In addition, he will discuss how the relationship balancing the
public sector (academia, government), non-computing companies, and computing
companies has evolved.
Speaker Bio:

Dave Kasik was Boeing’s Senior Technical Fellow in visualization and
interactive techniques until his 2016 retirement. He developed the
first user interface management system to simplify application
programming. His work with 3D graphics ranges from computer animation
to device drivers to massive model visualization tools and techniques.
He pioneered the use of visual analytics to help extract more business
insight from complex non-geometric data. Dave earned his Masters in
Computer Science from the University of Colorado in 1972 and a
Bachelor’s in Quantitative Studies from the Johns Hopkins University in
1970. He is an ACM Fellow and IEEE Senior Member. His professional
activities include ACM, AIAA, and IEEE.


Lectures, Seminars



Computer Science Auditorium (#127), Goldberg Computer Science Building




David Langstroth dll@cs.dal.ca