ESS Lecture Series: Film Screening and Skype Discussion: Fractured Land (2015) with Caleb Behn

Film Screening and Skype Discussion Fractured Land (2015) Caleb Behn, Lawyer and Activist

In Fractured Land, we follow Caleb Behn, a young Dene lawyer who may become one of this generation’s great leaders, if he can discover how to reconcile the fractures within himself, his community and the world around him, blending modern tools of the law with ancient wisdom.

Caleb sports a Mohawk and tattoos, hunts moose, and wears a business suit. His father is a devout environmentalist and residential school survivor. His mother is in a senior position in the oil and gas industry. His people, at the epicenter of some of the largest fracking operations on earth, are deeply divided. How does Caleb balance their need for jobs with his sacred duty to defend their territory?

Filmmakers Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis followed Caleb for four years, capturing hundreds of hours of footage of his development, through law school, sharing knowledge with other Indigenous peoples, speaking to larger and larger audiences, dealing with deep community divisions, and building a movement.



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Part of the Winter 2017 ESS Lecture Series hosted by the College of Sustainability.