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Website Development

The Web Team offers 3 options for your external website needs:

  1. Create a new website (for a site that does not currently exist)
  2. Rebuild your existing AEM website (for a site that exists on dal.ca but requires new content/new name)
  3. Migrate an external website to AEM (for sites that are built on systems outside of Dal's content management system)

The following process applies to all of these options (exception: Step #2 does not apply to new websites, as noted below).

The Website Development Process

1. Complete the Website Development form

This form identifies your site's purpose, owners/developers, and target audiences.

2. Complete a Content Inventory (existing sites only)

This is an inventory of all the pages on your existing site. It will be the starting point for creating your site's information architecture. Identify what pages should be removed or should be kept, and be sure to identify additional information that should be included on your site that currently does not exist.

3. Complete an Information Architecture

Your next step is to map out the content you need to create. The Web Team has developed a generic information architecture (IA) template to define the structure of your new site. Submit your IA to www@dal.ca. A member of the Web Team will review your IA and give you feedback (if applicable) for required changes.

4. Complete AEM training

Once your IA is approved by the Web Team, your site will be added to the AEM content management system and you will receive information on how to register for AEM training. Once you've the training, you will be given access to start building your site.

5. Build your website

There are two AEM servers: Preview and Live. You will develop your site in AEM Preview. When your site is approved and ready to launch, your site will be moved by the Web Team to AEM Live.

6. Request a Pre-Launch Review

Once you have finished building your website, the Web Team will review your site to ensure it adheres to Dalhousie's brand and web guidelines (review takes 2-3 business days) and give you feedback (if applicable) for required changes.

7. Launch your Website

Upon approval, your site will be moved by the Web Team from AEM Preview to AEM Live (launch period is 5-7 business days). You will be notified when your site is live on dal.ca, provided with links to update the site on the Live server on a go-forward basis, and given a new alias (shortened URL, such as "dal.ca/webteam") for promoting your website.