About Us

The Dalhousie Web Team manages the university’s online presence on a day-to-day basis and supports its use of the external and internal web. It reports to the university’s Web Steering Group and consists of staff from both Information Technology Services and Communications and Marketing. 

The web team’s responsibilities include :

  • Leading new online projects aligned with Dalhousie’s strategic priorities.
  • Providing training and support for the university’s content management system (AEM).
  • Developing new applications for both the external and internal web.
  • Supervising the creation of new Dalhousie websites.
  • Assisting departments, faculties and offices in maintaining existing websites.
  • Ensuring compliance with university brand standards online.
  • Advancing the university’s internal web capabilities, including the myDal portal.

The web team also maintains the Dalhousie search engine and implements analytics and research strategies for the website.