SueFest 2018

Workshop Program


Breakdown of Sessions

Session 1: (9:00-9:50)

  • Speaker: Jennifer Bell (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University of Toronto)
  • Title: "Relational Autonomy as Theoretical Lens fo Qualitative Health Research"
  • Commentators:
    Victoria Seavilleklein (Alberta Helath Services/University of Alberta)
    Christopher Kaposy (Memorial University of Newfoundland).

Session 2: (10:05-10:55)

  • Speaker: Nocole Fice (Western University)
  • Title: Relational Perspectives on Vaccine Hesitancy"
  • Commentators:
    James Anderson (Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto)
    Christine Koggel (Carleton University)

Session 3: (11:10-12:00)

  • Speakers:
    Michael Doan (Eastern Michigan University)
    Ami Harbin (Oakland University)
  • Title: "Public Health Ethics and Precarity"
  • Commentators:
    Lorraine Code (York University)
    Michael Stingl (University of Lethbridge)

Lunch and Public Panel - 12:30-2:00 at Central Halifax Library

Session 4: (2:30-3:20)

  • Speaker: Danielle Wenner (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Title: "Non-Domination and the Limits of Relational Autonomy"
  • Commentators:
    Gillian Crozier (Laurentian University)
    Karey Harwood (North Carolina State University)

Session 5: (3:35-4:25)

  • Speaker: Jennifer Szende (Trent University)
  • Title: "Relational Value, Territorial Rights, and Climate Change"
  • Commentators:
    Andrew Fenton (Dalhousie University)
    Katie Stockdale (Sam Houston State University)

Session 6: (4:40-5:30)

  • Speaker: Meredith Schwartz (Ryerson University)
  • Title: "Kantian Respect and Colonization as a Determinant of Health"
  • Commentators:
    Sylvia Burrow (Cape Breton University)
    Margaret Robinson (Dalhousie University)