SueFest 2018

Public Panel

Why Feminist Philosophy Matters to the Health of Canadians

Date: May 26th, 2018 - 12:30-2:00pm
Location:Paul O'Regan Theatre, Halifax Central Library

This public panel presentation will focus on the ways in which Dalhousie's feminist bioethicists have shaped and continue to inform medical and social policy and practice to create better health care and a fairer society.In honour of: Dr. Susan Sherwin, CM FRSC (Professor Emerita, Dalhousie University), who wrote the first North Americian doctoral thesis on feminist ethics and the first monograph on feminist bioethics, No Longer Patient (1992).

The Panelists

Dr. Francoise Baylis, CM, ONS, FRSC, RCAHS (Dalhousie University)
will discuss feminist interventions in health policy.
Dr. Kirstin Borgerson, (Dalhousie University)
will discuss current problems with medical research and why Canadians deserve better research policies.
Dr. Jocelyn Downie, CM, FRSC, FCAHS (Dalhousie University)
will discuss assisted death policy and its evolving legal status in Canada.
Dr. Carolyn McLeod (Western University)
will discuss attitudes and challenges associated with adoption and reproduction.

NOTE: Follwing the panel presentation  the discussion will be opened to the audience for a question and answer period.