What is Oneinfive.ca?

Welcome to OneinFive.ca, sponsored by the Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry.

One in five people experience a mental illness or an addiction every year. That means roughly 200,000 Nova Scotians are affected annually.

In 2009 the Department of Psychiatry spearheaded the development of an advocacy website for mental health issues in Nova Scotia with the goal of raising awareness of the need for a Nova Scotia mental health strategy. In March 2010 that goal was achieved when the Nova Scotia provincial government committed to developing a strategy.

In 2012 the province launched Together We Can, the first ever mental health strategy in Nova Scotia. The five priority areas in the strategy are:

  • Intervening and treating early for better results
  • Shorter waits, better care
  • Aboriginal and diverse communities
  • Working together differently
  • Reducing stigma

Read more about the strategy and mental health services in the province.

With a large cross section of partners, Oneinfive.ca seeks to create awareness of the prevalence of mental illness and provide information and resources for individuals and their families. Oneinfive.ca highlights the people and groups in the Nova Scotian community working hard to deliver the treatment, support, education and research that Nova Scotians deserve.