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NTE presents at the CBS 26th Annual Conference: "Shadows and Light ‑ Bioethics and Human Rights"

Posted by NTE on May 27, 2015 in In Action

Papers Presented by NTE Members at the Canadian Society for Bioethics Annual Conference:

Alana Cattapan, Angel Petropanagos, "To Freeze or Not to Freeze? The Ethics of Age-Related Egg Freezing" (workshop session, with Marie-Eve Lemoine) (May 27, 1pm)

Tim Krahn, "Quality uncertainty, information asymmetry and defeated expectations: Bioethics and the market in lemons" (co-authored with Francoise Baylis) (May 27, 3pm)

Katherine Browne, "Rules of Rationing and Cooperation" (May 28, 10:30am)

Alana Cattapan, "(Mis)Placing Value: Challenging Assumptions About the Use of Embryos for Research" (co-authored with Dave Snow) (May 29, 10:30am)

Tim Krahn, "Disclosure elements and the documentation of informed consent in Canadian IVF clinics: 1991 and 2014" (May 29, 10:30am)

Tim Krahn, "Down Syndrome and rightful expectations for a more balanced research agenda in Canada" (May 29, 2pm)


Link to the CBS Conference Agenda