Who We Are

MaRNet-FP Staff

  • Dr. Mathew Grandy - Network Director
  • Dr. Fredrick Burge - Co-investigator & Former Network Director
  • Sarah Sabri - Data Manager
  • Keri Harvey - Network Manager
  • Dr. Anders Lenskjold - Data Mining Consultant
  • Juanna Ricketts - Patient Partner

MaRNet-FP Advisory Committee

The MaRNet-FP advisory committee was formed in 2021. The advisory committee is comprised of diverse stakeholders who provide direction and guidance on current and future MaRNet-FP activities. The committee aims to strengthen the value the network brings to primary care providers, patients, and researchers in Nova Scotia.
Committee Members
  • Mathew Grandy, Director
  • Keri Harvey, Organizer
  • Central Zone Representative- Nicole Robichaud
  • Northern Zone Representative- Tena Frizzle & Cheryl Smith
  • Western Zone Representative- Andrew Welton
  • Eastern Zone Representative- To be determined
  • Patient Partner- Juanna Ricketts
  • Family Medicine Resident- To be determined
  • Health Informatics Expert- Sarah Sabri and Anders Lenskjold 
  • Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia Representative- Jennifer Isenor
  • Policy/Decision Maker- Erin Christian
  • Knowledge Translation Expert- Julia Kontak 

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the advisory committee.