Aphasia is a complex and varied condition. As such, our team will develop an individualized aphasia therapy plan specific to you, using your application, the videos you submit and the results from carefully selected assessment tools.

Our goal is for you to complete the InteRACT program armed with the tools you need to return to activities you once enjoyed.


Next sessions: May 5 – June 5, 2020 and June 23 – July 24, 2020. There will be no sessions in 2019 due to program restructuring.
Length: 4.5 weeks
Aphasia therapy: 5 hours per day
Additional therapy: Physiotherapy, recreation therapy & community integration activities
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enrolment is typically limited to 6 people with aphasia and their communication partners to ensure comprehensive, individualized attention for each participant.


Each day includes a group lunch and at least five hours of aphasia therapy:

  • Hour 1: Individual aphasia therapy session targeting speaking and listening
  • Hour 2: Individual aphasia therapy session targeting reading and writing
  • Hour 3: Individual aphasia therapy session targeting communication skills for home and work, and general life skills
  • Group lunch for participants and partners
  • Hour 4: One-on-one computer training including email and internet
  • Hour 5: Small group aphasia therapy session and activities

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  • Physiotherapy session to improve overall health
  • Community integration activities such as trips to the library, grocery store or coffee shop. During weekly group integration outings, individuals are provided with a task to accomplish based on their goals and their work in their individual aphasia therapy sessions
  • Group session for partners to share experiences, participate in simulations and learn strategies for dealing with the challenges of aphasia
  • Individual recreation therapy to help identify activities that a participant would like to try, such as golfing, dancing or geocaching
  • Evening group recreation activity based on the interests of the group—perhaps a trip to a gallery, a concert, the theatre or bowling
  • Evening meal for all participants and partners offers a chance to get together and share news of the day, and get ready for the evening recreation outing

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InteRACT participants benefit from a wide range of recreation therapy and community integration activities, as well as physiotherapy sessions.