Are you a good candidate for InteRACT?

We welcome adults with all types of aphasia, at all ages, and at all stages of impairment and recovery. Many of our participants also have apraxia. Adults with chronic aphasia—even many years post-onset—as well as those who have recently suffered stroke or injury can benefit from intensive therapy.

To ensure the most productive and successful InteRACT experience, we have a thorough application process. This lets us get to know you, your challenges and your goals, and lets you get to know us and our expectations.

Admission considerations

We will consider previous therapy information as well as your personal communication goals in evaluating your application. Partner participation is an essential component of our program, and we require that all participants attend with a communication partner or caregiver. We recognize the time commitment this requires, which is why one or more people may fulfill this role.

Participants must:

  • be medically stable (it is not required that participants be fully independent for toileting and transfers, however, partners will need to assist in these areas as required) 
  • have the cognitive and physical stamina the program requires
  • demonstrate motivation to improve communication
  • be able to identify specific and realistic goals for the program

Contact the clinic

Contact, to discuss your suitability for InteRACT.

Session schedules

We run sessions in the spring and summer. While we accept applications year-round, we typically only enroll 6 participants per session. It’s best to apply early.

Admission procedures

Complete and submit the following by email, fax, mail or courier:

Fax: (902) 494-5151



Dalhousie University

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building

5850 College Street

2nd Floor, Room 2C01

PO Box 15000

Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 4R2


What happens next?

If we determine you are a candidate for our program, within two weeks, we will send you an acceptance letter and invitation to participate. If you wish to expedite the application process, we can accept your application and send your acceptance via email. 

Please note that program spaces are limited (typically six per session) and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission is confirmed upon receipt of the non-refundable deposit.

After confirming your attendance, we will request additional information about your communication skills. We will also direct you in providing a video, which helps us gather as much information as possible to plan for your program before you even arrive.