Submission process


Abstracts must be submitted to the HLHL 2018 Open Journal System website ( by the scientific community by February 14, 2018. Community groups must submit by February 28, 2018. Late abstracts will not be accepted. The primary author on each abstract will receive notification via email regarding the status of their submission by March, 2018.

All abstracts must be single-spaced and submitted in APA format. The corresponding author must provide their own, as well as all contributing author(s)’ names, credentials, and affiliations. Abstracts should be 400 words or less, not including a maximum of five key references, and three key words.

Before you begin your submissions, please review what to consider in your abstract submission.

Submitting the abstract to the OJS Library

  1. Go to
  2. Click here to start the abstract submission.*
  3. Login -- if you have previously registered with this conference as an author or Go to Registration.
  4. Fill in all personal data and REMEMBER to check “Author” at the bottom of the form and then click register.
  5. Click on the “user home” tab in the top menu bar.
  6. Click on “New submission”.
  7. Select the theme you want to submit to from the dropdown box (Step 1).
  8. Read the submission guidelines and check off each box (Step 1 continued).
  9. Check the copyright statement box (Step 1 continued).
  10. Save and continue (completion of  Step 1).
  11. Click browse to find the word document containing the properly formatted abstract and references and then click upload (Step 2).
  12. Save and continue (completion of Step 2).
  13. Fill all relevant information about authors, use the Add Author button to add more authors (Step 3: enter metadata).
  14. Fill in title (Step 3 continued).
  15. Fill in the abstract section with the 50 word summary (Step 3 continued).
  16. Fill in the keywords separated by semicolons (Step 3 continued).
  17. In the Type field indicate one of the following formats: Print poster, eposter, oral presentation, 30 min workshop/seminar, 60 min workshop/seminar, or 90 min workshop seminar (Step 3 continued).
  18. Fill in contributors or supporting agencies, if applicable (Step 3 continued).
  19. Save and Continue (completion of Step 3).
  20. Supplementary documents should not be necessary (Step 4).
  21. Save and continue (completion of Step 4).
  22. Click Finish Submission (completion of Step 5: confirmation).