How will your abstract be reviewed


The HLHL 2018 Scientific Committee along with additional peer reviewers will review abstract submissions using the criteria below. Our conference review committee is committed to developing a conference program that is balanced across the themes and to the support of the overall conference theme of healthy living across the life span. Each abstract will be evaluated by two reviewers. Abstracts receiving conflicting reviews will receive further review. Author’s identities will remain unknown to the reviewers and to the Scientific Program Committee. The decision of the Scientific Program Committee is final. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of abstracts will be emailed March, 2018.

Abstracts will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the Presentation Content - There is substantial information that is appropriate to the theme. For research, results can include projected or preliminary data, if data are not yet compiled. For extended sessions, method of facilitating the interactive component of the session is clearly described.

  2. Educational Value - Interest and appeal to a wide audience (e.g., needs to be heard, has potential to transform health). Important contribution to practice, research, policy, theory, or community-based knowledge. Novel or innovative contribution (e.g., current trends or new ideas, relevant to the theme of the conference).

  3. Quality of Written Abstract - Self-contained (i.e., should not include abbreviations, acronyms, quotes or more than 5 citations and concise (i.e., each sentence is maximally informative, especially the lead sentence). Coherent and readable (i.e., written in a logical sequence, use of clear vigorous prose, avoids use of personal pronouns).