Oral Presentation (25 minutes)

Oral presentations will be sessions in which scientific, theoretical, and interprofessional issues in education, practice, or community information are exchanged. A presentation will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. The total length of the session is 25 minutes. Similarly-themed presentations may be grouped by the Scientific Committee into a panel presentation. Each panel would consist of three individual presentations (15 minutes each) followed by a 40 minute question and answer period. This option may be offered to accepted abstracts within similar content areas. There will only be a few panels offered during the conference. Please indicate if you wish to have your abstract considered for this presentation format.

Poster Presentation

A poster presentation is a visual display session in one of two formats: paper or e-poster. Topics may include scientific, theoretical, interprofessional issues in education or practice, innovative approaches, project evaluations, and community-based practice.

The e-poster presenter will be expected to prepare a brief overview of their poster presentation and be available for questions and discussion for 20 minutes. E-Poster presentations will be a unique opportunity for the conference and will include an electronic platform for the posters to be presented. Posters will be electronically presented on a large LED monitor and is manipulated from an iPad. Please indicate if you wish to have your abstract considered for this presentation format.

Seminar or Workshop

An individual or a team may lead a 30-90-minute forum on a research topic, pedagogical approach, or community-based innovation/project on healthy living across the life course or span?. The session should include a short evocative presentation leading to a dynamic exchange of ideas among participants about how to make our communities healthier. Abstracts must include a description of how the session will be facilitated.