Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (Drone)

Our Matrice 200 RTK v2 drone is equipped with a combined visual and thermal sensor (Zenmuse XT2). The thermal mapping is used to detect cold-water habitat in rivers and estuaries and zones of focused submarine groundwater discharge. 

Time Domain EM Geophysics (WalkTEM)

Our WalkTEM instrument is used for obtaining 1D profiles of resistivity that can be collected along a transect to generate a 2D profile view of subsurface resistivity changes. This in turn can indicate stratigraphy, water table depth, or the freshwater-saltwater interface underlying islands or coastlines.

Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (FO-DTS)

Our lab shares an FO-DTS system with our colleague at McGill University. This system can sense temperatures at high spatial resolutions along a multi-km cable and is useful for measuring spatiotemporal distributions of temperature down boreholes and along rivers or estuaries. We use the new Ultima-S system with much higher accuracy/resolution than previous generation models.

Radon Detector for Aquatic Applications

Radon concentrations are often orders of magnitude higher in groundwater systems than in surface water systems, and radon decays quickly. Thus, we use radon as a tracer of groundwater discharge to rivers and marine bodies with measurements recorded by the RAD7 with the Aqua and H20 attachments.

Coastal Dynamics Loggers

In addition to standard water level loggers applied in hydrology and hydrogeology, our lab owns state-of-the-art wave and tidal loggers (RBR) and temperature/conductivity/pressure loggers for studying ocean forcing on coastal groundwater systems.

Backpack Drill

Our Shaw backpack drill is applied to drill shallow wells (< 10 m) in unconsolidated material or in soft rock, such as PEI sandstone.  Shallow wells or piezometers installed with this system are monitored to study groundwater dynamics or to collect groundwater samples.

Hydrologic Equipment

Our lab owns several instruments that are typical in hydrology or hydrogeology labs, including a 3D Sontek FlowTracker, Hobo Water LevelLoggers, Hobo Tidbit temperature loggers (MX2203), a water level/temperature/conductivity tape, weather stations, and a YSI multi-parameter sonde.

New Sensors

Our students are helping to develop new instruments for coastal sediment temperature, pressure, and conductivity monitoring using state-of-the-art sensors combined with emerging Internet-of-Things controllers/chips.