CFS Guidance & Training

Guidance for using the Clinical Frailty Scale has been published in Rockwood K, Theou O. Using the Clinical Frailty Scale in allocating scarce health care resources. Can Geriatr J. 2020;23:254-259.

We developed a classification tree to simplify use of the Clinical Frailty Scale for novice raters. 

Partnering with Dr. Linda Dykes, we developed the "Top Tips to help you use the Clinical Frailty Scale" as a resource for new or novice users of the CFS (see download links below image):

CFS Top Tips - English Letter [PDF - 508 KB]
CFS Top Tips - English A4 [PDF - 507 KB]

CFS Top Tips - Spanish Letter [PDF - 530 KB]
CFS Top Tips - Spanish A4 [PDF -533 KB]

CFS Top Tips - Swedish Letter [PDF - 529 KB]
CFS Top Tips - Swedish A4 [PDF - 529 KB]

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