Clove Haviva

Postdoctoral Fellow


Supervisor(s): Dr. Olga Theou, Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dr. Zachary Zimmer

Clove received her PhD in psychology from the University of Manitoba. A health psychologist, she conducts research on physical health and well-being, from social psychology and personality psychology perspectives. She has studied the influences on physical health of spirituality, religiosity, laughter, optimism, meaning in life, a sense of control over one’s life, social support, gratitude, peacefulness, social comparison, and personality. She is interested in what allows people to thrive while living with chronic illness, disability, and aging. She especially enjoys working with multidisciplinary research teams, and is currently associated with GMR at Dalhousie University and the Global Aging and Community Initiative at Mount Saint Vincent University, where she is the Templeton Foundation Postdoctoral Scholar. At GMR, she investigates the question: “Does spirituality increase the life expectancy of frail older adults more than that of healthy older adults?”