2017 Case Competition Details

The Dalhousie Ethics in Action case competition is based upon written case studies and will have two distinct streams: one for undergraduate students and one for MBA students. All teams will be given the opportunity to present both a prepared and a live case. Teams will be made up of four students.

The 2017 case competition will be held on October 27th and October 28th.

Prepared cases are released 10 days prior to the competition.

Unprepared Cases start on Saturday morning at 8:00am. Each team is given a three hour isolation period to respond to a fictional ethical dilemma. Undergraduate teams enter into isolation in twenty minute intervals and are given twelve minutes to present, followed by a three minute question period. Graduate teams enter into isolation in thirty minute intervals, and are given fifteen minutes to present, followed by a five minute question period.

Case presentations on Friday run from 8:00am to 1:00pm for undergraduate teams, and 9:30am to 12:00pm for graduate teams.  Case presentations on Saturday are from 11:00am to 3:00pm for undergraduate teams, and 12:30 to 3:00pm for graduate teams.

Opening Ceremonies and dinner will be held at the Atlantica Hotel at night.

**Please note: Registration in the case competition is limited to one team per school per stream (example: each school can enter an undergraduate and a graduate team). Teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.**

2017 Competition Details are subject to change.

Cash Prize

1st Place: $1,000

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $250


                            October 26, 2017                 

          Friday                                                  Saturday

   October 27, 2017                           October 28, 2017 


  Prepared Case Presentations  Unprepared Cases are Distributed


    Unprepared Case Presentations


 Team Arrives- Hotel Check in Opening Ceremonies  Awards Banquet and Closing Ceremonies 


Ethics in Action Case Competition Winners  

2016 Winners

Undergraduate Case Competition:
1st Place: University of Guelph
2nd Place: University of Prince Edward Island
3rd Place: Concordia University

Graduate Case Competition:
1st Place: Dalhousie University
2nd Place: McMaster University
3rd Place: Ryerson University

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2015 Winners

Undergraduate Case Competition:

1st: Dalhousie University
2nd: University of Prince Edward Island
3rd: University of Alberta

Graduate Case Competition:

1st: Dalhousie University
2nd: McMaster University 
3rd: Ryerson University