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February 2018


Dr. Afua Cooper speaking - Thursday November 8

"Beyond the Veil of Sorrow w Songs" - Black Bodies, Black consciousness, and the legacy of Slavery in Canada. 



January, 2018

4th Black Canadian Studies Association Conference

Call for Papers

English / French - * Please note the deadline is extended to February 2018

Reparations Start with a Formal Apology for Slavery & Antiblackracism:
Demanding National and Institutional Accountability
University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
May 26-June 1, 2018


January, 2018

Dr. Ingrid Waldron's book entitled "There's Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities" will be released by Fernwood Publishing in April 2018. A description of the book and a listing of its chapters can be viewed at the Fernwood website below. It is available for pre-order.

Book Information:


Feb. 24, 2017

Dr. Afua Cooper Featured in the New York Times!  

Slaves fleeing the American South established new lives in Canada.
Three noteworthy museums tell of their struggles and triumphs.
– By Afua Cooper


May 11 - 13, 2017

Black Canadian Studies Association and Brandon University

"Blackness, Indigeneity, Colonialism, and Confederation: 21st Century Perspectives"



The Book of Negroes brings historic betrayal to life

Sparking a conversation: How a one‑off lecture became a series on racism in Nova Scotia and beyond

If you’ve ever spent even a few minutes browsing the Dalhousie Events Calendar, you’ve got a sense of just how many public events and lectures happen all the time at the university: guest speakers, discussion panels, research presentations, open forums, conferences, you name it. While every event hopes to spark some sort of reaction — be it inspiration, thought, or action — not all events transform into something larger.

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